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24 Hour Bailiffs Ltd

24 Hour Bailiffs Limited is part of the Landlord and Tenant Group.

24 Hour Bailiffs Limited is an established enforcement firm specialising in rent recovery, property evictions and enforcement.

Our clients are our principle priority and we pride ourselves in dealing with any enforcement action in a fast and effective manner. We understand the needs of our clients and are committed to providing the most effective service available on a personal basis designed to each individual situation.

24 Hour Bailiffs Limited provides a tailor made service to our clients. We offer a personal, professional and efficient service to our clients on a case by case basis. Our team always acts within 24 hours of your instructions and operate out of hours in an attempt to deliver the highest standard of work and achieve the best results for our clients.

Repossessions & Evictions 45% of our workload%
Debt Recovery 30% of our workload%
Enforcement 20% of our workload%
Other 5% of our workload%

We aim to offer an efficient and cost effective service

We aim to focus on offering efficient assistance and advice to a broad spectrum of clients, from the individual to small/medium sized businesses and large blue chip clientele. We cater each case to suit the individual needs of our clients, whilst attending to each case on a professional, extensive level and offer 100% efficiency at all times.

24 Hour Bailiffs Limited operates on a low fixed fee structure for all work carried out to ensure that there are no hidden costs or mounting hourly rates incurred by our clients. We aim to establish the highest standard of service for our clients and remain a strong influence within the enforcement and debt recovery field. We hope to maintain the loyalty of our clients and uphold their confidence to remain the enforcement firm of their choice.

Our staff training ensures that we achieve the highest standards in our course of work, when undertaking our policy of offering a cost effective, efficient debt recovery, litigation and enforcement service. We pride ourselves on offering staff who are always accessible and fully accountable to all work undertaken with all information being made available upon the client’s request.

24 Hour Bailiffs Limited is committed to offering a fast and effective service, with an aim to respond to each case within 24 hours. We work directly with the client on their case to ensure that their needs are met and offer advice as to what may be the best action to undertake to achieve that objective whilst always aiming to provide a service that is consistent with the professional standards and ethics, which our clients have come to expect from us.

Our Office Address

Waterham Business Park, Highstreet Road, Faversham, Kent, ME13 9EJ

Our Phone Numbers

01227 750 966

Our Opening Hours

Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week

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