Illegal Sublet

A high profile story has been running across the broadsheets about the sting’ of an unfortunate owner/’accidental’ landlord of a three-bedroom house in west London.

The ex-wife of Michelin star chef Albert Roux, Cheryl, has not received any rent in spite of rooms in her property being sub-let without her permission, as many as eight tenants are renting out the rooms at a cost of £835 a night.

Because of the stress of the whole situation that started when she decided to rent out the top two storeys of her mews house, Cheryl Roux has now moved out of her home.

The tenants that Roux rented out the rooms to turned out to be ‘rogues’ and she states they have been illegally sub-letting out rooms in the property which has been ongoing since June.

The police have been unable to take action and suggested that her best course of action would be to vacate her own property because of the risk of coming into contact with any form of confrontation; they stated that she can only take action in a civil court.

In statements made to the press Roux said: “I’m clearly a victim of crime but the police do nothing and these crooks are still renting out my home.

“They changed the locks so I couldn’t get in and nailed shut the garage doors. I’m at my wits’ end.”

In spite of Airbnb removing the property listing from its platform, Zoopla continues displaying the property with a spokesperson saying it is a “legitimate listing”, and added: “We have spoken to Hamptons, the agent who are instructed to rent it out, and they have confirmed this.”

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