Who Do You Act On Behalf Of?

We act on behalf of many different types of client, landlords, individuals, small/medium sized companies and large blue chip companies.

Our specialist debt collectors and enforcement agents have an extensive, professional knowledge with regards to the recovery of outstanding debts and enforcement and so will tailor make a solution to suit your circumstances.

We work on a case by case basis to ensure the most effective recovery service available.

For larger clients with multiple outstanding debts, we agree to a format of an attempted collection procedure to ensure that our clients retain full control of the collection programme.  At 24 Hour Bailiffs Limited, we keep our clients informed of the enforcement or recovery process on a regular basis and are on call to offer assistance and advice as required.

What Experience Does 24 Hour Bailiffs Limited Have?

The 24 Hour Group is an established enforcement and debt collection, specialising in the recovery of all outstanding rent, commercial and personal debts.  Our debt collection and enforcement teams over 15 years experience and are continuously trained and updated on a regular basis through external training.  Our enforcement agents are fully certificated with over 20 years experience in the commercial and residential sector.

How Does 24 Hour Bailiffs Limited Operate?

On submitting an initial enquiry or instruction to 24 Hour Bailiffs Limited, one of our experienced members of staff will discuss the situation in more detail and evaluate the most appropriate action to take.  We aim to limit the costs to our clients at all times and offer a cost effective approach to each situation.

On establishing the most appropriate way forward, one of our fully trained members of staff will go through the options as to the most effective way to proceed.  Whether it be simply a case of writing a firm letter to the debtor, commencing legal proceedings, or sending a certificated bailiff to attend the premises of the debtor.  Our staff act fully on your instructions.

How Quickly Do You Act?

Our staff acts within 24 hours of your instructions for any action taken.  Should you wish to instruct our certificated bailiffs  to collect your outstanding commercial rent, wish to evict your tenant legally or would like unwanted persons removed from your property/land our enforcement agents are on call 24 hours a day/7 days a week for your convenience.  We work around the clock to attempt to recover your outstanding debt or land.

What Methods Are Available To Collect An Outstanding Debt?

24 Hour Bailiffs Limited offers various different methods and approaches in the attempted recovery of an outstanding debt or rent.  We tailor make a debt recovery solution to suit your needs and act fully on your instructions in a professional and efficient, cost effective manner.  Our professional in house debt collectors and certificated enforcement agents are fully experienced in the full range procedures that are available to collect from any debtor or tenant.  24 Hour Bailiffs Limited always act on your instructions and discuss all available methods with you.

Can I Discuss My Outstanding Debt With You?

We are on call to offer advice and assistance to any kind of debt recovery or enforcement matter.  On your initial enquiry, one of our experienced members of staff can discuss the issue and any tactics/methods available to you in its attempted recovery.  On instructing the 24 Hour Group, one of our fully trained members of staff and case handlers is always available to discuss the progress of your instruction with you.

Call us now on 01227 750 966 to speak to one of our experienced members of staff to find out how 24 Hour Bailiffs Limited can help you.  Alternatively, please feel free to complete our enquiry form and one of our dedicated enforcement agents will contact you to discuss your matter further.

Click on the ‘INSTRUCT US’ button to go to our online instruction forms to download and complete and instruct our dedicated team without delay