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Having trouble evicting tenants from your residential property? Solicitors charging through the roof prices? County court bailiffs giving long time scales? We can help.

If you have obtained an Order for Possession and require a dedicated, knowledgeable team to assist you with the eviction as quickly as possible, then 24 Hour Bailiffs Limited can help.  We understand that the process of recovering your property from a tenant can be a gruelling, onerous hardship and when a Possession Order is finally awarded…to find out that the county court bailiffs can take up to another 4-6 months to undertake the eviction can be heartbreaking.

At 24 Hour Bailiffs Limited, we take over from the stress and get your residential eviction actioned as urgently as possible.  We offer one of the most efficient and low cost services in the UK.

In regards to your residential eviction we are able to assistance you with the process within 24 hours of your instructions. On obtaining the Order for Possession, we are able to remove the tenants through the use of our High Court Enforcement Officers by transferring the Order to the High Court and obtaining a Writ of Possession.

Before being able to undertake this action however, we would have to obtain permission from the Judge at the County Court where you obtained the Order of Possession originally. The Judge would have to find that you have valid reason to use a High Court Enforcement Officer, who can act within 24 hours, rather than County Court Bailiffs that can take between 6 weeks and 3 months to remove a tenant. Therefore, we would need to make an application by request to the Judge.  Without this permission, private bailiffs/enforcement agents can not be used.

In order to apply for this, an application would need to be completed, we are able to complete this application on your behalf for a fixed fee plus the court fee. Our legal team is able to draft the documentation so that a Judge may look favourably on your situation and find that it is reasonable and necessary to act promptly in the re-possession of the property and grant permission to use a High Court Enforcement Officer.

The documentation is placed before the County Court Judge and we await a response to whether the application has been approved . Our in house legal team are experienced in this area and are able to complete the paperwork to the highest standard on your behalf.

On approved receipt of the application from the Judge, granting permission to use a High Court Enforcement Officer to take possession of your property, we are able to transfer the Order to the High Court on your behalf, which will then allow you to use High Court Enforcement Officers to remove the tenant from your property as effectively and quickly as possible.

On the High Court processing the Order, we are granted a sealed Writ of Possession, which then allows us to undertake the re-possession of the property and the eviction of your tenant on your behalf.

The entire process generally takes approximately 10 days to obtain the High Court Writ, once the Judge has provided permission to transfer from the County Court, which is faster than the County Court Bailiffs.

Overall, the enforcement process is generally much quicker than returning to the court to apply for an eviction order and using the County Court Bailiffs. On receipt of the Writ of Possession from the High Court, we are able to act within 24 Hours to complete the eviction.  Our High Court Enforcement Officers arrange for a locksmith and any security to be in attendance if required on discussing the details of the situation and the eviction with you.

Call us now on 01227 750 966 to speak to one of our experienced members of staff to find out how 24 Hour Bailiffs Limited can help you.  Alternatively, please feel free to complete our enquiry form and one of our dedicated enforcement agents will contact you to discuss your matter further.

Click on the ‘INSTRUCT US’ button to go to our online instruction forms to download and complete and instruct our dedicated team without delay