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We offers a full range of debt recovery and litigation services which take you through the following stages in the process of debt recovery: The Pre-Legal Debt Recovery Stage; The Legal Stage and the Enforcement Stage.

We deal with many types of debt including personal debts, commercial debts, outstanding residential rent and outstanding commercial rent.  We deal with the entire debt recovery process in house from tracing to enforcement.  As no work is outsourced, we can keep our costs low.

Our process is completely flexible so you, as the client, are able to choose how far you wish to progress with the recovery of your outstanding debt. Our dedicated staff members are on hand to offer advice and support on the most appropriate way to proceed forward with the recovery of your outstanding debt.  On instructing us, we also ensure to keep you updated throughout the process.

We operate on a low fixed fee service to ensure that there are no hidden charges or mounting costs, which some other firms charge.  From initially instructing us to act on behalf of your debt recovery action, we provide you with a copy of our Fixed Fees for a complete breakdown of our fees at each stage in the debt recovery process.  You do not incur any hourly rates or any unknown costs.  Many other firms act on ‘a no win, no fee’ basis, which is very tempting.  However, what they do not then tell you is that if the matter moves to litigation, i.e. the debtor does not respond to debt recovery letters and court action is required, or if the matter is defended, hourly rates are then charged which can be in excess of £150.00 per hour.

Our fees are fixed throughout the entire debt recovery, litigation and enforcement process so you always know what costs are being incurred and can weigh up the financial risks of the case.  We act on a low fixed fee basis and do not charge a commission,so what you recover from the debtor is yours in its’ entirety.

The Stages of Debt Recovery

Pre-Legal Debt Recovery Stage:

– A dedicated recovery agent is assigned to your case, along with a case reference number.  We undertake a full review of your debt/rent recovery matter and advise accordingly
– We can undertake a full trace and credit check on your debtor if this is required (an additional fee is charged for this – this service is available at your discretion).
– We send a debt recovery pack (complying with regulations) for the recovery of your outstanding debt to your debtor on the SAME DAY that you instruct us.

(Throughout the process we continue to attempt to contact your debtor by telephone/email to establish early settlement of the outstanding debt).

Should the debtor not make full payment or agree to a repayment schedule following the Pre-Legal Debt Recovery Stage, we can then proceed with the litigation process on your instructions.

The Legal Stage:

We can initially start proceedings using our in house legal team.

– We will look to draft the appropriate documentation in respect of the claim and issue the matter with the appropriate court.
– We charge low fixed fees for each stage of the recovery process. You are also responsible for any Court fees (disbursements) to be paid up front – These are fully recoverable from the debtor.
– If the debtor either admits to the outstanding amount or fails to respond to the Claim, we can proceed to enter an immediate Default Judgement against the debtor and look to enforce using our in house enforcement agents.
– Should the debtor defend the case in full or in part, the case will proceed to a Hearing or Trial and a Judge will decide on the merits of the case.  If this issue arises, your dedicated case handler will advise you throughout the entire claim and will provide you with all of the options available so that you can make informed decisions each stage of proceedings.

The Enforcement Stage:

On requesting judgement, we can enforce the claim through the high court and have one of our in house high court enforcement officers undertake the collection of the outstanding debt. The high court enforcement officer’s fees are recoverable from the debtor, however there is a fixed Court fee of £66.00 made payable directly to ‘HMCTS’ and an upfront fixed £90.00 compliance fee, along with a £30.00 administrative fee. These fees can be recovered from the debtor in addition to your outstanding debt.  Further information on the enforcement stage of proceedings can be found on our ‘High Court Enforcement’ page.

Call us now on 01227 750 966 to speak to one of our experienced members of staff to find out how 24 Hour Bailiffs Limited can help you.  Alternatively, please feel free to complete our enquiry form and one of our dedicated enforcement or legal agents will contact you to discuss your matter further.

Click on the ‘INSTRUCT US’ button to go to our online instruction forms to download and complete and instruct our dedicated team without delay