Tenants Fined £23,000.00

Three tenants who were found to be guilty of sub-letting a three bedroomed house in Kingsbury and crammed 35 men into the property have been fined more than £23,000. The 35 ‘sub-tenants’ had been crammed into all of the property’s rooms with the exception of the bathrooms and given mattresses. The kitchen also doubled up […]

40% Of Landlords Switching To Limited Companies

Latest research from a specialist lender claims that over the next twelve months almost 40% of landlords will be mortgaging BTL properties as limited companies, with only 26% of BTL acquisitions being made by individuals. Those landlords who have a portfolio of four plus rented properties, 42% will be mortgaging a new property via a […]

Nearly Half Of Tenants Are Problematic

Recent research claims that 40% of tenants are causing problems for their agents or landlords when leaving at the end of their tenancy, causing an average £210’s worth of maintenance and repair costs. An interior company surveyed 2,302 landlords who were 18 years old or more who let out at least one property for renting […]

Tenants Spending More Than £1 Billion On Repairs Every Year

Private tenants across the UK are ‘coughing up’ more than £1bn every year on repairs that landlords should be paying for themselves according to a new survey. The report found that renters had on average throughout the year spent £217 on repairs that their landlords should have carried out.  The most common repairs were for boiler […]