Nearly Half Of Tenants Are Problematic

Recent research claims that 40% of tenants are causing problems for their agents or landlords when leaving at the end of their tenancy, causing an average £210’s worth of maintenance and repair costs.

An interior company surveyed 2,302 landlords who were 18 years old or more who let out at least one property for renting to tenants.  The first question they were asked was how they felt about renting out their property, with an overall majority of 62% replying it made good sense to them as the monthly rent fully covered their mortgage payments and in most cases more.
25% who took part did admit to feeling nervous about renting out their property as having little control over how the tenants would look after their home. However more than one in ten, (13%) adamantly stating that they wished they had never let out their property in the first place.
The respondents were also asked whether they had encountered any problems with their tenants and 40% said they had or were having issues.
The main issues were:

•    58% said tenants were constantly in contact with them about minor issues and when investigated, some were in fact found to be made up.

•    41% said that tenants had taken it upon themselves to make changes to the property without first seeking permission.

•    26% had complaints from their tenant’s neighbours about their anti social behaviour.

•    23% had their tenants damaging their property with the landlords expected to incur the repair costs themselves.

•    18% had experienced late rent payments.
Those landlords, who stated that their tenants had contacted them on minor or imaginary issues, were asked on average how many times a month had this occurred, and it turned out to be four times.

The last question involved the costs incurred by the landlords for repairs, cleaning and general maintenance upon a tenant leaving their property, and on average it was £210.

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